2022 Trek 


This year’s 2022 Trek is August 19 to 24

Our Annual Tweedsmuir Trek Wilderness Adventure is coming soon

Visiting Rotary Exchange students are taken by boat on an exciting wilderness adventure in Tweedsmuir Park, near Burns Lake.

The Tweedsmuir Trek was started in 1989 by the Rotary Club of Burns Lake as our unique contribution to the International Exchange Program. Tweedsmuir Park is one of Canada’s last wilderness reserves, accessible only by water or air. Local students and Rotarians from the Burns Lake club and from around the region join the group and act as hosts for the exchange students.


What are the dates of the trip?

Participants are asked to arrive in Burns Lake on August 18th. Our stay in the park will be from August 19th through to August 24th (Friday to Wednesday).


How do I get there?

The most popular modes of transportation are car pooling and Greyhound bus. Convenience of these options will depend on the location of your host family and any travel arrangements should be made with their input.

What will we do on the Trek?

The activities that we enjoy on our week in the wilderness include hiking, boating, fishing, swimming, wildlife watching, fishing, fireside entertainment, fishing, relaxing, fishing, beach volleyball, and did we mention fishing?

What we can’t describe in a brochure is the attachment you will feel for the lifelong friends that you will make on this adventure. Many exchange students have commented that it was the highlight of their Canadian Experience.

What Should I Bring?

In addition to your personal clothing and toiletries, we recommend that you include the following items in your pack:

  • appropriate foot-gear (including good hiking shoes or boots.)
  • personal towel
  • rain gear
  • warm jacket
  • sleeping bag and pillow
  • camera
  • personal water bottle

Our weather is generally very warm and pleasant in August, however, it can become quite cool in the evenings and when it rains. It is best to bring clothing which may be layered to accommodate both warm and cool conditions.

How much does it cost?

$600 per person.

How do I reserve my place on the Tweedsmuir Trek?

In order to reserve your place on the Trek, you can do one of the following:

  1. Email us at trek@rotaryburnslake.org with your request to join us and we will email you our registration form to complete and return with your registration fee.  Or better yet, download the form here and email it to us.
  2. Complete the short form registration form on the back of this brochure and mail it to us at : PO Box 616, Burns Lake, BC V0J 1E0, along with the registration fee. (We will still require the full registration form completed prior to the trip)